Building a House Part 10: The Storm Protection and Roof are Up!

Beazer House - Fenway Side

The roof frame and shingles are up along with the storm protection. 

Next up, the a/c rough will be installed.

The sidings (top half of the house) is not finished. It’s pending to be painted. To be honest, Sarah freaked out after seeing the siding color so we reached out to the Construction Manager and confirmed it was pending to be painted. If you’re wondering about the areas without siding, those areas will be covered in our selected stone, brick, and some side shingle styles.

At first glance inside of the garage, we were surprised of how deep it was which is important for storing our two cars, bikes, and random garden gear. Good surprises are always nice.

The pictures don’t do it justice of how wonderful it was to see our future house becoming more real by each milestone. It will be the biggest house we have ever lived in. It has been a long time coming for our family.

Now we just hope the progress continues at the same pace with hurricane season rolling in. It won’t be easy, but we’re hoping for good weather.

More to come on building our Beazer Home!

Beazer House - Fenway Front

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