Building a House Part 6: The Foundation and Driveway is Complete!

Beazer Driveway

The foundation and driveway is complete for our Beazer home! We didn’t expect the driveway to be this long. It was a delight to see the size of the parking space even though we will park our cars in the garage. There should be plenty of parking space to host our friends and families for parties and entertainment gatherings.

Beazer House Property SizeIn this second picture, we were able to picture the size of our backyard from left (the house) and to the right. There will be an easement between our fence and the fence in the background on the right. We selected this lot for this reason to avoid sharing a fence with a back to back neighbor. For a Texas yard in the suburbs, it’s a good size yard.

In addition to the excitement of this milestone, we will have another one coming soon. We just received an email of starting the framing soon. The construction manager is estimating framing to complete in just over a week which is impressive considering the amount of work and detail required.

Kudos to our construction manager, Jacob!

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