Building a House Part 7: Framing is Delayed

Disappointment Face
Our Emotion: Disappointment

We were told it was supposed to take a little over a week to complete the framing. Unfortunately when my wife and I swung by the house on our routine weekend check-ins on the property, we were rather disappointed to see a bunch of building materials on the property with no progress after an entire week. We were hoping to show my mother-in-law something besides the foundation.

With the disappointment, I immediately reached out to our Construction Project Manager and Sales Rep for an update. They were apologetic and mentioned the following:

“We are experiencing some labor shortages in the framing department due to the time of year it is.  We  want to make sure that every home gets the level of attention that it deserves and therefore have been waiting on a crew to become available to start the framing process.  I was given confirmation that a crew is supposed to start working on your house tomorrow.”

I can understand factors that are outside of human control (ex: weather) but the information above appeared to be a known repeating pattern. If someone was planning a project and there were predicted delays (ex: summer vacation) then they need to factor into the actual milestones and completion date. Every milestone counts and each delay will affect the house completion timeline. It’s not about just delaying getting the keys to the house but the planning my wife and I have to consider such as ending our rental lease for our current home, transferring schools for the kids, and coordinating moving labor. There are many tasks in play.

I understand it wasn’t the fault of the Construction Project Manager or the Sales Rep but I did provide feedback and challenged their leaders to do better. 

For now, I look forward to seeing progress and a mitigation plan to catch up on timing.

All we can do is to keep moving forward.

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