Building a House Part 3: Checking Out the Land

Beazer Home SiteThis was one of the most exciting parts of building our new house and the journey itself. The first big visit to our future land and property for our new Beazer home.

It was an adventure traveling to a location where your house and road is not even on Google Maps. Once we found the location, my wife and I were overwhelmed with many happy thoughts running through our heads. Just pure adrenaline and excitement!

First, the famous Beazer Sold sign sitting on the new location of our home was a beautiful beacon. It felt like an accomplishment and there was definitely a sense of happy pride.

Second, we looked for the property markers to get a feel of the size of the property.

Third, the carefully laid out planks of wood to mark the size of the house. This gave us an awesome preview to size the house and the potential yard size.

At last, we were able to finally see how big the front lawn and backyard is going to be. You can imagine all the ideas popping up in our heads of decorating and hosting get togethers at our new house.

Next up, we’re meeting with our Construction Manager!