Building a House Part 12: Bricks, Stone, and Trim in Progress

The exterior is starting to come together to give a preview of what the house will look like. It’s obviously in progress but looking awesome.

A majority of the bricks and stone have been installed with remaining work to be finished in the back of the house. The dark brown trim was better than what we expected but still needs touch up work.

Check out the progress below!

Before Brick and Stone Installation

Building a House Part 11: First Walkthrough Appointment with Construction Manager

The house just reached an important milestone! With the A/C and spray foam insulation now installed, we had our first walkthrough with the construction manager. 

We were given a detailed tour to get a feel of where everything was located such as the studs, electrical wiring, pipes, and etc. This is crucial to be informed as a homeowner to avoid making costly mistakes in the future when drilling or installing any fixtures (ex: drilling a hole into a pvc pipe or electrical wiring). We took plenty of pictures along with requesting the detailed blueprints of the house for future references.

Truly an unreal experience to see inside the house and the supporting structure.

Next up will be the installation of sheetrock, bricks, stone, and our trim exterior to take another step forward in bringing this house to life.

Building a House Part 10: The Storm Protection and Roof are Up!

Beazer House - Fenway Side

The roof frame and shingles are up along with the storm protection. 

Next up, the a/c rough will be installed.

The sidings (top half of the house) is not finished. It’s pending to be painted. To be honest, Sarah freaked out after seeing the siding color so we reached out to the Construction Manager and confirmed it was pending to be painted. If you’re wondering about the areas without siding, those areas will be covered in our selected stone, brick, and some side shingle styles.

At first glance inside of the garage, we were surprised of how deep it was which is important for storing our two cars, bikes, and random garden gear. Good surprises are always nice.

The pictures don’t do it justice of how wonderful it was to see our future house becoming more real by each milestone. It will be the biggest house we have ever lived in. It has been a long time coming for our family.

Now we just hope the progress continues at the same pace with hurricane season rolling in. It won’t be easy, but we’re hoping for good weather.

More to come on building our Beazer Home!

Beazer House - Fenway Front

Building a House Part 9: More Framing!

Great news! More framing progress! 

In the last visit, we saw the framing in progress for the first floor and now the second floor is being built within just a few days in between! It’s amazing how quickly Beazer Homes is building the frame of the house.

I just love this picture. I knew we were getting our dream house but I’m even more amazed of how big it is. If you didn’t know, we have a big family so room is crucial. I just want my wife, kids, and fur babies to have a nice house to live in. That’s why I work smart and put in the work! We didn’t grow up with much so we’re blessed in this journey.

For next steps, we shall wait for the framing to be completed. More to come!

Building a House Part 8: Framing is in progress!

Beazer Home Fenway Framing
Framing in progress for my Beazer house!

First of all, sorry for the potato quality photo!

Today, we went for a routine check in at the property to see the progress on our house since the last visit was disappointing. We were surprised to see the progress from Wednesday (start of the framing) to today on Saturday (framing in progress). It’s amazing to see the speed of the framing process and the current results. I am impressed!

Regarding the potato quality pictures, my wife and I were driving by and didn’t expect to see a three man crew. To avoid any awkwardness, my wife just drove by while I took pictures in motion from within the minivan.

I would like to thank this hard working crew for the progress and visible results. 

On our next visit, I would like to bring some ice cold drinks in a cooler and energy fuel snacks for this crew! They’re much appreciated!

Building a House Part 7: Framing is Delayed

Disappointment Face
Our Emotion: Disappointment

We were told it was supposed to take a little over a week to complete the framing. Unfortunately when my wife and I swung by the house on our routine weekend check-ins on the property, we were rather disappointed to see a bunch of building materials on the property with no progress after an entire week. We were hoping to show my mother-in-law something besides the foundation.

With the disappointment, I immediately reached out to our Construction Project Manager and Sales Rep for an update. They were apologetic and mentioned the following:

“We are experiencing some labor shortages in the framing department due to the time of year it is.  We  want to make sure that every home gets the level of attention that it deserves and therefore have been waiting on a crew to become available to start the framing process.  I was given confirmation that a crew is supposed to start working on your house tomorrow.”

I can understand factors that are outside of human control (ex: weather) but the information above appeared to be a known repeating pattern. If someone was planning a project and there were predicted delays (ex: summer vacation) then they need to factor into the actual milestones and completion date. Every milestone counts and each delay will affect the house completion timeline. It’s not about just delaying getting the keys to the house but the planning my wife and I have to consider such as ending our rental lease for our current home, transferring schools for the kids, and coordinating moving labor. There are many tasks in play.

I understand it wasn’t the fault of the Construction Project Manager or the Sales Rep but I did provide feedback and challenged their leaders to do better. 

For now, I look forward to seeing progress and a mitigation plan to catch up on timing.

All we can do is to keep moving forward.

Building a House Part 4: Meeting the Construction Manager

Construction Hardhat

We finally met with our construction manager! This is a late post as a fyi. We were waiting for Beazer to receive their building permits.  In our area, building permits are reviewed and approved every 30 days. The City of Katy is extremely strict on home building quality which is great for consumers like us.  This is deeply appreciated!

Once the building permits were approved, our Beazer Home Consultant contacted us right away to schedule a quick 30-40 minute face to face meeting with our Construction Manager.

It was a personal experience to be able to meet the person who will be in charge of project managing our future home.  He was friendly and extremely transparent on validating our needs and laying out expectations. He walked us through the blueprint of our future property and where our house and yard were located. In terms of expectations, the target date to finish building the home is November but he let us know right away there might be a possibility the actual move in date could be sometime in December. For us, we love the transparency since we can attempt to plan for the expectation.

For communication, our construction manager mentioned he will be giving us updates every two weeks. As for the next step, him and his team will be breaking ground to start installing the plumbing to prepare for laying down the foundation!

Building a House Part 3: Checking Out the Land

Beazer Home SiteThis was one of the most exciting parts of building our new house and the journey itself. The first big visit to our future land and property for our new Beazer home.

It was an adventure traveling to a location where your house and road is not even on Google Maps. Once we found the location, my wife and I were overwhelmed with many happy thoughts running through our heads. Just pure adrenaline and excitement!

First, the famous Beazer Sold sign sitting on the new location of our home was a beautiful beacon. It felt like an accomplishment and there was definitely a sense of happy pride.

Second, we looked for the property markers to get a feel of the size of the property.

Third, the carefully laid out planks of wood to mark the size of the house. This gave us an awesome preview to size the house and the potential yard size.

At last, we were able to finally see how big the front lawn and backyard is going to be. You can imagine all the ideas popping up in our heads of decorating and hosting get togethers at our new house.

Next up, we’re meeting with our Construction Manager!