Building a House Part 4: Meeting the Construction Manager

Construction Hardhat

We finally met with our construction manager! This is a late post as a fyi. We were waiting for Beazer to receive their building permits.  In our area, building permits are reviewed and approved every 30 days. The City of Katy is extremely strict on home building quality which is great for consumers like us.  This is deeply appreciated!

Once the building permits were approved, our Beazer Home Consultant contacted us right away to schedule a quick 30-40 minute face to face meeting with our Construction Manager.

It was a personal experience to be able to meet the person who will be in charge of project managing our future home.  He was friendly and extremely transparent on validating our needs and laying out expectations. He walked us through the blueprint of our future property and where our house and yard were located. In terms of expectations, the target date to finish building the home is November but he let us know right away there might be a possibility the actual move in date could be sometime in December. For us, we love the transparency since we can attempt to plan for the expectation.

For communication, our construction manager mentioned he will be giving us updates every two weeks. As for the next step, him and his team will be breaking ground to start installing the plumbing to prepare for laying down the foundation!