Building a House Part 9: More Framing!

Great news! More framing progress! 

In the last visit, we saw the framing in progress for the first floor and now the second floor is being built within just a few days in between! It’s amazing how quickly Beazer Homes is building the frame of the house.

I just love this picture. I knew we were getting our dream house but I’m even more amazed of how big it is. If you didn’t know, we have a big family so room is crucial. I just want my wife, kids, and fur babies to have a nice house to live in. That’s why I work smart and put in the work! We didn’t grow up with much so we’re blessed in this journey.

For next steps, we shall wait for the framing to be completed. More to come!

Building a House Part 8: Framing is in progress!

Beazer Home Fenway Framing
Framing in progress for my Beazer house!

First of all, sorry for the potato quality photo!

Today, we went for a routine check in at the property to see the progress on our house since the last visit was disappointing. We were surprised to see the progress from Wednesday (start of the framing) to today on Saturday (framing in progress). It’s amazing to see the speed of the framing process and the current results. I am impressed!

Regarding the potato quality pictures, my wife and I were driving by and didn’t expect to see a three man crew. To avoid any awkwardness, my wife just drove by while I took pictures in motion from within the minivan.

I would like to thank this hard working crew for the progress and visible results. 

On our next visit, I would like to bring some ice cold drinks in a cooler and energy fuel snacks for this crew! They’re much appreciated!