Building a House Part 1: A New House as a Mother’s Day Gift

I have been working hard and always had a dream of giving my wife and kids a new place we can call home. On Mother’s Day, I was able to give my wife and mother of my five wonderful children a brand new house. I have always dream of this moment, so it was good vibes and awesome feelings all around.  It was a sense of pride and feeling happiness

Life hasn’t been full of roses lately. Since my grandma (Ama) passed away last year, I have personally struggled with depression. She was a second mom to me and helped raised me. I desperately want to build a shrine (think of a pond with a calming waterfall) to dedicate to her, but obviously I can’t due to renting a home at the moment.

I struggled with the thought of not being able to do this for grandma. I know there are other things I can do but this is what I want to do for her. This combined with not being able to make a house my home has been a personal defeat.

With this gift to my wife and kids, this was my victory. No, this was a victory for my family. They deserve it.

I am happy for this blessing. We can finally start our journey of building a house we can finally call home. I will be able to finally build a shrine for my Ama.